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Sea Turtles Are Hatching on AMI

Not that long ago, we were noting that sea turtles were crawling up the beach to lay eggs in their nests here on Anna Maria Island. that still happens, but — as is the natural course of events — now many of those eggs are hatching.

And it’s always a problem to get the little turtles from the nest to the Gulf.

Here’s an interesting follow-up from The Islander.

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AMI Sea-Turtles Popular

sea-turtleTurtles are crawling up on to beaches all over Anna Maria Island, searching for places to drop a load of eggs.

It’s a popular thing for them to do this time of year, and it’s a popular teaching tool for local islanders who help mark the nests, confirm the ‘lay,’ and protect the incubating eggs from scavengers and the depredations of people, well-meaning or otherwise.

Here is a nice article in this week’s Islander newspaper giving credit where credit is due. CLICK HERE.