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What’s the Worth of Battling Beach Erosion?

For those of us who live on or very close to the beach, say on barrier islands, the federal and state efforts to nourish and renourish beaches is very important.

There are those who believe the government has no business in either insuring those types of properties or spending the money it takes to pump sand from offshore and re-place it on the beaches.

But there is clear economic benefit to having beaches for recreational purposes, safety for people who live landward of the sea in such cases, and a likelihood that the practice will continue.

Here’s a thoughtful article from Florida Realtors about the subject.. What do you think?




Beach Renourishment Completed

I guess I won’t be able to play racquetball with Kile any more. He was an engineer on the Great Lakes Dock and Dredge project that spent the best part of four months pumping sand from a borrow area off the north point of Anna Maria Island onto the existing sand in Holmes Beach and Bradenton Beach.

So Kile is gone, and the sand remains. He was a nice guy and a great racquetball player, younger, faster and better than I. I’ll miss him (but not that much in terms of competition; he could always beat me). At least the sand remains.

And the project is done in time for nesting plovers and terns, and didn’t start until after the turtle nesting season was done.

Here’s the Islander ARTICLE.