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Flood Insurance ‘Fix’ in the Works

ocean-571328_960_720Several leaders, including the heads of a national wildlife organization, taxpayer association  and National Realtors, are saying the flood  insurance program is in serious need of ‘fixing.’

For those of us who live on Anna Maria Island,  the ‘fixing’ will end up taking money out of our pockets. Already, flood insurance rates are going up about 18 percent each year,  which means a lot to people who have such insurance on a ground-level home. For those in homes whose lowest occupied floor are at 10 feet above base flood elevation, the hit is less.

But it’s clear that something needs to be done, and not just along the coast, but along rivers, bays and other inland flood zones. It seems that this brief article leaves a lot unsaid. For example, ‘How?’




Saving the Coastline Up for Discussion






It’s not enough to talk the talk about environmental concerns, so making actual strides toward saving what is an important ecosystem, in fact, one that deeply affects the quality of life on Anna Maria Island is extremely important.

Mangroves are important. The beach and water-face, where waves meet sand, is important. Storm water runoff is important.

But governmental forces seem more closely allied with the developers than with the people. And the people have spoken that they want our quality of life — based in large part on our natural environment — to be the highest it can be.

Here’s an article announcing a meeting with Suncoast Waterkeeper coming soon to AMI.


Protect the Shoreline this Holiday

Fourth of July is a very intense time on the beach here on Anna Maria Island. Lots of people. Tons of equipment. And then there are the fireworks.

Historically, residents, tourists and visitors have set off many thousands of dollars of fireworks illegally along the shores of our island. Impressive displays to be sure, but dangerous to people, on-shore structures and wildlife.

Be careful. Be mindful. And be respectful.

Here is an interesting tidbit from the Florida Fish and Wildlife people. It’s called the Wrack Line, and is their July, 2015 newsletter.


Beware the New Stop Sign

Things change slowly if at all in the City of Anna Maria. But sometimes, things DO change. In this case, the city fathers (and mothers) have decided there needs to be a stop sign at the intersection of Gulf and Magnolia. See photo below.

Stop signSo for sure, don’t just roll through the stop sign. Come to a complete stop. Traffic enforcers in the city take their jobs seriously. So don’t exceed the 25-mile an hour limit, either.

This time of year, it’s hard to drive faster than that anyway.

So just watch it. Take it easy. And maybe let the guy ahead of you once in a while.

Will Next Week Tell AMI’s Future?

The ULI comes to AMI.

Maybe that should be the headline. Urban Land Institute arrives on Anna Maria Island to study the island, its three cities, the traffic, rental situation, tourism, business and lifestyle.

Then, they’ll make some decisions, which the cities are free to accept or reject. And it’s all paid for by Manatee County (from revenues gained primarily from tourists on the seven-mile long island), managed and worked by volunteers, and hopefully will provide some guidance to what some permanent residents are calling the imminent demise of the goose that laid the golden egg.

Here’s a good story from the Bradenton Herald: