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Another ‘Best Beach’ Accolade


We’ve done it again: there’s another beach award for Anna Maria Island. This time, it’s for the Manatee County Public Beach in Holmes Beach, one of the 10 best beaches in the United States for families from Family Vacation Critic.


Paid Parking at County Beach Won’t Happen





There will be no paid parking, according to the top administrator of Manatee County, who is in charge of operating  county-owned properties, including several public beaches on Anna Maria Island.

Turns out there was misinformation being bandied about by a variety of sources, none of which was correct.

Here’s the story: CLICK HERE

Sea Turtles Are Hatching on AMI

Not that long ago, we were noting that sea turtles were crawling up the beach to lay eggs in their nests here on Anna Maria Island. that still happens, but — as is the natural course of events — now many of those eggs are hatching.

And it’s always a problem to get the little turtles from the nest to the Gulf.

Here’s an interesting follow-up from The Islander.

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Florida Beach Finder Finds AMI

Visit Florida has a new ‘Beach Finder’ page that allows use of four sliding bars to custom-search for a beach that really reflects your desires.

This author recently tried it out, and looking for a laid back, family friendly beach, Holmes Beach popped up as the best match, with 95% fidelity to my search.

Try it yourself: Click Here

Let me know what your favorite Florida beach is!

What’s the Worth of Battling Beach Erosion?

For those of us who live on or very close to the beach, say on barrier islands, the federal and state efforts to nourish and renourish beaches is very important.

There are those who believe the government has no business in either insuring those types of properties or spending the money it takes to pump sand from offshore and re-place it on the beaches.

But there is clear economic benefit to having beaches for recreational purposes, safety for people who live landward of the sea in such cases, and a likelihood that the practice will continue.

Here’s a thoughtful article from Florida Realtors about the subject.. What do you think?



AMI Not Named As Critical Habitat for Loggerhead Turtles

untitledLoggerhead turtles are critically endangered, and our local Anna Maria Island turtle watchers do an impressive job of marking and guarding about 200 turtle nesting sites each year.

But there was some surprise when a recent decision named Venice beaches, plus Longboat , Siesta and Casey Keys as ‘Critical Habitat,’ but not Anna Maria Island.

Here’s the STORY.