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Citizen’s Insurance Takes Contract Rights

If Citizen’s Insurance company provides coverage for your home, an administrative change may leave you without much recourse, maximizing repair limits at $3,000.

This could have negative impacts on getting repairs done in a timely fashion and by whom. Once again, we find that even the right to select your repairman may be at risk.

Read about it.


If You’re Selling, Here’s What NOT to Say

I don’t like to have sellers in the property when I’m showing my listings. they could say something that’s not beneficial to the transaction I hope to get started.

And buyers usually don’t want someone hanging around and overhearing their comments, either.

What’s worse, sometimes, a seller will say something that can cost them in the long run. Cost a sale, or cost an offer, or even cost money before we get to closing.

For example, if they say something about the condition of their property, and the buyer hears that the roof is near the end of its useful life, they could come back after an inspection period and ask that the selling price be reduced by the amount of a new roof. Even if their inspection doesn’t say the roof is bad.

Then what? you have a buyer on the line. Do you just say, “No?” and move on to the next prospective buyer? Or negotiate something less than a full roof replacement cost? It never would have come up except for an inadvertent comment.

So, sellers, if you happen to be near a buyer, even a neighbor, here’s a recent article from Florida Realtors with hints of what NOT to say.


Sunray Clams Are the Next Big thing

When I first lived on Anna Maria Island back in the early 1980s, we could walk out off the north end into Tampa Bay and in shallow water harvest sunray clams. Sweet, salty and delicious, they beat all the hard clams, like quahogs, cherrystones and little necks, hands down.

But then, as with most things natural, under the pressure of growth and development, they pretty much disappeared.

Now, they’re being grown for harvest, and the news looks good. Here’s a story from Tampa Bay times that has the details:


Protect the Shoreline this Holiday

Fourth of July is a very intense time on the beach here on Anna Maria Island. Lots of people. Tons of equipment. And then there are the fireworks.

Historically, residents, tourists and visitors have set off many thousands of dollars of fireworks illegally along the shores of our island. Impressive displays to be sure, but dangerous to people, on-shore structures and wildlife.

Be careful. Be mindful. And be respectful.

Here is an interesting tidbit from the Florida Fish and Wildlife people. It’s called the Wrack Line, and is their July, 2015 newsletter.