Citizen’s Insurance Takes Contract Rights

If Citizen’s Insurance company provides coverage for your home, an administrative change may leave you without much recourse, maximizing repair limits at $3,000.

This could have negative impacts on getting repairs done in a timely fashion and by whom. Once again, we find that even the right to select your repairman may be at risk.

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Flood Insurance ‘Fix’ Needs Senate Approval

There have been a LOT of floods in the news lately. And with weather (and maybe climate) turning nastier all the time, flood insurance is more important than ever.

Realtors and the National Flood Insurance Program support a recent bill that’s passed the House and headed for the Senate. It will allow homeowners to choose between the NFIP flood insurance and private flood insurance, without suffering financial penalties for returning to NFIP.

It’s a bit arcane, but this fix was needed, and should help private insurers establish a more reasonable market for their services. Here’s the story: