Don’t Mess with Florida’s Homestead Exemptions

The courts do not look kindly at people who try to evade or escape the conventions that apply to the Homestead Exemption.

Not only is it likely that folks who try to have more than one such exemption on property, even in another state, will have that exemption declined.

They could even have to pay back taxes and penalties!


Saving the Coastline Up for Discussion






It’s not enough to talk the talk about environmental concerns, so making actual strides toward saving what is an important ecosystem, in fact, one that deeply affects the quality of life on Anna Maria Island is extremely important.

Mangroves are important. The beach and water-face, where waves meet sand, is important. Storm water runoff is important.

But governmental forces seem more closely allied with the developers than with the people. And the people have spoken that they want our quality of life — based in large part on our natural environment — to be the highest it can be.

Here’s an article announcing a meeting with Suncoast Waterkeeper coming soon to AMI.