ULI Analyzes AMI

So, the Urban Land Institute has finished its $130,000 work, analyzing what Anna Maria Island needs.

Paid parking. Employee housing. Place-making, to help visitors feel invested in their Anna Maria Island experience.

Not a bad start.

Here’s the Bradenton Herald story: CLICK HERE

Beware the New Stop Sign

Things change slowly if at all in the City of Anna Maria. But sometimes, things DO change. In this case, the city fathers (and mothers) have decided there needs to be a stop sign at the intersection of Gulf and Magnolia. See photo below.

Stop signSo for sure, don’t just roll through the stop sign. Come to a complete stop. Traffic enforcers in the city take their jobs seriously. So don’t exceed the 25-mile an hour limit, either.

This time of year, it’s hard to drive faster than that anyway.

So just watch it. Take it easy. And maybe let the guy ahead of you once in a while.

Will Next Week Tell AMI’s Future?

The ULI comes to AMI.

Maybe that should be the headline. Urban Land Institute arrives on Anna Maria Island to study the island, its three cities, the traffic, rental situation, tourism, business and lifestyle.

Then, they’ll make some decisions, which the cities are free to accept or reject. And it’s all paid for by Manatee County (from revenues gained primarily from tourists on the seven-mile long island), managed and worked by volunteers, and hopefully will provide some guidance to what some permanent residents are calling the imminent demise of the goose that laid the golden egg.

Here’s a good story from the Bradenton Herald:


“Stop Cutting Mangroves!”


It’s just like the sixties all over again! People out protesting against injustice, and making their opinions heard.

It’s especially true of the environmentalists who believe that developers are killing mangroves which keep our shorelines pristine and resistant to erosion, as well as nurseries for marine life.  Manatee County is among the few in Florida that have not wholly succumbed to the developers’ lures.

Here’s the story: CLICK HERE


Super Info from Berlin Patten Law Firm

One of my trusted partners — a law firm I often recommend and have used for closings, short sales and/or foreclosures in the past — is Berlin Patten Ebling, PLCC.

And they do a great job of keeping me up to date with some excellent blog posts of their own. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact them. Here’s a link to their site, and blog posts are on the right:


Paid Parking at County Beach Won’t Happen





There will be no paid parking, according to the top administrator of Manatee County, who is in charge of operating  county-owned properties, including several public beaches on Anna Maria Island.

Turns out there was misinformation being bandied about by a variety of sources, none of which was correct.

Here’s the story: CLICK HERE

Add Value Before Putting Your Home on the Market

Sellers are always asking me, “What can I do to increase the value of my home before we put it on the market?”

Sometimes, the answer is, “Not much! this dump needs a complete make-over!”

But usually, there’s a lot that can be done at fairly low cost, to make a home more presentable. Here are some great tips from Consumer Reports via the Florida Realtors news-site, that you’re sure to find helpful.

And of course, I can find qualified contractors to help.