Anna Maria Hotels #7 Most Expensive in Florida

A recent survey ranks Anna Maria Island in the top 10 of most expensive hotel rooms during the months of February and March. I guess the surveyors didn’t realize that the number of hotel rooms is quite small compared to the number of rental homes and condos.

Still, it makes for interesting reading. CLICK HERE

Still Talking About Parking on AMI

When I moved to Anna Maria Island in 1983, there was a lot of discussion about how bad parking was. Day-trippers from in ‘town’ would drive out to the island and park pretty much wherever they wanted, leaving trash and ill-will behind.

Some things never change. Here’s a Bradenton Herald report on a recent meeting held to discuss these very same issues.


For Most Accurate Data, Get a Realtor

It’s long been a fact that the most popular home-searching websites are quite helpful to a lot of folks looking for their next home. What’s not so helpful is that they can be quite misleading.

According to one recent survey, one of the most popular sites has too many properties on it, and the other has too few. Only the Realtor MLS has the most current and up-to-date information. That’s because Realtors accurately mark sold,┬ápending and contracted purchases and show all those — including ones that owners don’t want automated estimates of value — that are active on market.

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Here’s a brief recounting of the situation from the Realtors’ Association:


Waterline by Mainsail will change Holmes Beach

It’s going to be a new look and a new place to stay, according to developers of the Mainsail company, who have just renamed their downtown resort, “Waterline.” Here’s an artist’s rendering of what it might look like from near the Marina Drive area.

Waterline by Mainsail
Waterline by Mainsail







Meanwhile, there’s been some discussion about what its effect might be for the city. Here’s a recent article from the Islander about that: CLICK HERE