Anna Maria Island Cities To Be Studied

Traffic, congestion, trash, heavy use of local facilities and intense rental use during more than half the year are causing some problems in Anna Maria, Holmes Beach and Bradenton Beach.

Manatee County has agreed to fund a study that may offer some suggestions. Here’s the Bradenton Herald story:

Anna Maria Island Turtle and Bird News

Nesting season is winding down on Anna Maria Island for just about all species (including humans; it’s just too darned sticky!).

The Anna Maria Island Turtle and Bird Nesting people are finding a bit less to do as we move through the hottest days of summer.

Here are two great articles by The Islander’s intrepid reporter, Jennifer Glenfield. I have them together as jpgs on this page, below. All rights, of course, belong to The Islander. Copyright 2014.



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‘All Cash’ Is King in Florida

Can you believe it? More than half of all transactions in Florida have been all cash, no mortgage.

My non-island buying clients tell me it’s like a strip-search to get a loan, and I believe them. But often, they can’t afford to buy without financing. And lots of times, the properties in which they are interested are swooped up by a cash buyer who plans to renovate and rent.

It’s a conundrum. Here’s the story: CLICK HERE

Short Term Rental Homes May Be Good for Business

Looks like there may be a national, maybe even international, trend toward renting luxury homes for business travel.

For Anna Maria Island owners of rental properties, that may be good news indeed. Although Island rental homes and condos are often completely booked, based on past experience, there are plenty of times they are empty.

And those in the hospitality business know that unless there’s a bottom in that bed, the potential revenue for that night is lost. Translate that to a weekly rental, and it might not be a bad idea to make homes and condos, particularly those in the luxury category, available to business entities for meetings, executive travel, etc., in those times when occupancy is less than ideal.

Here’s a recent blurb from Florida Realtors: CLICK HERE.┬áInteresting thinking outside the box.

Setting the Right Price for Your Property

Getting the right price on your listing goes a long way toward a successful sale on behalf of an owner.

But it’s not easy. That’s why I use a Comparative Marketing Analysis to help determine where a property is likely to sell, and then figure out the asking price from that.

There are some pitfalls. Here’s a good article from Florida Realtors about the subject: CLICK HERE