Beer Can Island Gets a Five-Year Reprieve

A large concrete groin planned for the northern tip of Longboat Key across from the southern bit of Anna Maria Island will not be put in place for at least five years, according to a story in the Bradenton Times, an online newspaper founded in Manatee County.

The popular area, which will remain ‘natural,’ is known as Beer Can Island, although the proper name is Greer Island. It has long been a spot for boaters to pull up and enjoy themselves while parked on white sands adjacent to the strong currents of Longboat Pass.

Groins had been planned in an effort to halt severe erosion to the beachfront area and potential damage to a couple of condos built out onto the beach of northern Longboat Key. Former Manatee County Commissioner, Joe McClash, and others including the Sierra Club, have deemed it preferable not to have the concrete barrier in place .

Other locations further south on Longboat Key will get permeable groins according to the Times’ account of the compromise reached today. No concrete groin will be placed at the northern tip for at least five years.

Here’s the story:


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